Project Description

Progressive Plumbing, a small family owned business, needed to establish a brand urgently if they wanted to grow further. With cut-throat competition in the plumbing industry, it was imperative that their brand be built with a sense of reliability and superior plumbing knowledge.

The owner changed the business name to Progressive Plumbing and asked if I could build a brand from scratch. With the thought of being “progressive” (meaning going forward), I created a logo design with a capital letter P within the negative space of two arrows. This helps drive the idea that this plumbing company is moving forward.

As a longstanding client, I continue to maintain their website and social media accounts. Other design pieces I have completed for them are business cards, hiring flyers, emergency decals added to garbage disposers and water heaters, the vehicle graphics for their plumbing vans, as well as a letterhead and e-signature.